"Called to Serve: The Role of the Christian School Board": Additional Resources

by Kendall Myers

Documents for School Boards

Talks for School Board Members

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Policy Ideas

The exact policy needs can vary from school to school, but here are a list of areas for which policy guidance would be helpful in most schools.

  1. Attendance regulation – sick days, doctor visits, vacation, etc; teachers and students
  2. First grade entrance requirements
  3. Pass/fail policy
  4. Homework
  5. Recording grades – daily? weight of quizzes and tests
  6. Discipline procedures
  7. Property damage
  8. Teacher/student conduct ( maybe this is falls under guidelines, not policy )
  9. Admission (non-member patrons )
  10. Technology use for staff and students ( computers, video for instruction, etc. )
  11. Graduation requirements
  12. Child Safety policy

Recommended Books for School Boards

  • Doing Good Better by Edgar Stoesz and Chester Raber
  • Called to Serve by Max De Pree
  • Best Practices for Effective Boards by Fairbanks, Gunter, and Couchenour
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