Airplane Party


My classroom theme was traveling, so I hosted an airplane party for my students. Their moms and younger siblings were also invited.

I started by handing out passports to my students, as well as boarding passes. Then they were supposed to pick up a gift bag as their carry-on. Next they went thru “security”. Off with the shoes and sweaters, put them in a dishpan. Then they were pushed thru a cardboard box to be collected at the other side. After that they needed to go wait at the gate number. When boarding time came, their ticket was punched with a hole punch, and then they were allowed to find their seat number on the chairs in the classroom.

Safety instructions were given, carry-ons put under their seats, and seat belts fastened.  (I used men’s belts.) And we were off. I also offered them snacks. A small cart was pushed down the center aisle and they were served small bags of snacks and small cups of drink. Then we visited the country of Nepal. I showed them pictures from when I had visited there. After that we took a break and played a game that we also played in Nepal. Then we repeated the whole process again. Going through security, waiting at the gate and boarding the plane. Two friends of mine also shared pictures and talked about Grenada and Nicaragua. It took up a good bit of the day. It was a lot of work and planning ahead, but it was so worth it and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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