Collected Online Teaching Resources

History/Social Studies

  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive: biographical and historical resources; section on famous curves
  • Recordings from the Library of Congress (disclaimer – some language is offensive now)
  • HP Trust: Click on Services, then “Our Present Past”, Table of Contents, then the map on the top left. Choose the municipality you want to see. This is the book Our Present Past, with historical places in Lancaster County.
  • This site has info and printables for each U.S. state.
  • Tell a story with a map: Many of us have used Google Maps to find directions to dinner, but have you tried using one to tell a story? MyMaps (now a part of Google Drive) can be used for storytelling. You can drop pins in the different locations a character visits and add in videos, images or text to talk about plot or character development.”


  • Enchanted Learning (biomes and habitats)
  • National Zoo offers live cams, downloadable activities, guides, links to wildlife documentaries from the National Zoo.


Freeware and Webware

  • step by step derivatives and integrals, each step explained; long multiplication, division of polynomials
  • Dataplot: statistical software, especially for linear and multilinear regression, nonlinear modeling, related diagnostics; from National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Fractint: generates pretty fractals, deep zooming


  • Use the books Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie de Paola and A Symphony for the Sheep by C. M. Millen for exposure to economic concepts. Economic terms from these books are “natural resource” and “producer.”
  • If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss would cover the concepts of: scarcity, resources, wants, needs, choice, consumers, demand, price, shortage, supply, goods, services, and the role of producers. You could integrate the research standards with this! has animal information. There is a zoo map at
  • has lesson plans, interactive tools and data resources for economics

Other Resources

The videos and other resources below give some ideas of possible media to use. You may be able to find some of them online by searching.

3rd Bible

  • “The Miracles of Love, Volume 1” – shows the story of John the Baptist

5th Science

  • “What is a Flower?” – parts of the flower, functions, pollination, bee-producing honey
  • “Flowers to Seeds”
  • “All About Stars” – study on constellations and stars
  • “Energy: Potential and Kinetic”, “Energy”

5th Language Arts

  • “Charley Chapters in Noun Town” – nouns, common, proper, and singular

5th Social Studies

  • “Colonial Life in the South” – shows aspects of social and economic life of the southern colonies
  • “William Penn and Pennsylvania”, “Colonial Life in the Middle Colonies” – for Middle Colonies
  • “Al Rober’s New England Thanksgiving 1830’s” – shows Thanksgiving preparations through living history characters in the 1830’s
  • “The Midnight Ride/The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, “Green Mountain Boys”, “The Second Continental Congress”, “General George Washington” – events leading up to the Revolutionary War
  • “Follow the Drinking Gourd”, “Secret Train to Freedom”
  • “The Pioneer Spirit: Wagon Trains and the Oregon Trail”
  • “US History: 1800-1860”

6th Bible

  • “Truce in the Forest” – goes with Bible unit on Christmas peace; shows real example of peace at Christmas during a war; does have violence, which was discussed, focus on peace (is shown in 9th)

7th Science

  • “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” – studying creation vs. evolution

7th Music

  • Our Musical Heritage Series: Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Japan, India, Russian (6) videos; present people from these countries playing instruments from their lands in a cultural setting; shows how music is performed in other countries; there is a component of dance that should be checked on

7th Language

  • “Brian’s Song” – after reading the play
  • “Grammar Rock” – reinforce parts of speech

8th Language

  • “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” – to end the mystery unit
  • “Learning for Life: Kids and Learning Differences” – reinforcement for stories about people with differences
  • “Charly” – based on a story in Lit book (section to skip)
  • “Lessons of the Holocaust”, “The Life of Anne Frank” – go with The Diary of Anne Frank
  • “Laos: Business with a Difference” – by Global Disciples, to show how Christians need to learn to transcend communication and cultural differences to share the Gospel in other countries
  • “Race” – a film from Discovery Ed to show studies and statistics on bias

9th Music

  • “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” – insights into his life and struggles

9th Science

  • “Volcano Watchers” – about two scientists who’ve studied volcanoes
  • Astronomy: “Seeing in the Dark” – scene selections; shows dimensions of universe; types and varieties of telescopes; beauty of night sky

9th English

  • “I’m Normal, You’re Weird: Understanding Other Cultures” – for discussion concerning differences between cultures
  • “To Kill a Mockingbird” – after reading the book
  • “Romeo and Juliet” – after reading the play, to help solidify the plot and expand understanding of the story and the times
  • “Charles Dickens: A Tale of Ambition and Genius” – biography information of Dickens

10th – 12th Literature

  • “The Scarlet Letter” – watch after reading the book


  • “Why Study Spanish?” – exposes students to different times/avenues/jobs where foreign language is helpful
  • Destinos 1 & 2” – language learning videos that have a storyline and introduce vocabulary slowly

World Cultures

  • “Fresh Water: Planet Earth” – follow up on study of world geography
  • “World Studies video program: Foundations of Geography”

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6 years ago is a great place to get audio Bibles. If you are studying Spanish, French, Arabic, German, or any of hundreds of other languages, have your students download and listen to a chapter of the Bible in that language regularly.

Landon R Miller

6 years ago is also a great resource for creating math worksheets, especially with a paid subscription.

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