February Fun or March Madness


Some of you may have just finished a fun month. Others may just be ready to dive in. A little spice goes a long way. I like activities that are motivational and don’t disrupt our entire routine—or cause mother or teacher to turn grey in the process.

Twin Day was the highlight this past month. Ten minutes before dismissal I assigned their twins. They had a few moments to decide shirt, shoes, crocks, suspenders, socks, hats, sunglasses, etc. that would match. They loved it. We had everything from pink-clad girls to boys with matching hobo lunches. Wheels Day They can bring bikes, trikes, rollerblades, or unicycles for recess time. Week of Read Alouds  Each day two or three students brought their favorite storybook and we had a period in the afternoon where they could stand at the front of the class and read their story aloud. I’m fascinated how their choices portray their personalities! Examples: Casey at the Bat and A Birthday for Bear

Yesterday was a cold Monday, a perfect day to run around the schoolhouse after each page completed. They loved it while the extra oxygen kept the weekend yawns to a minimum.

Friends Day Assign partners for the day. They pull their desks together and can ask each other for help before asking the teacher. Their partner can listen to any oral assignments. Balloon Day  Blow up 50 or so balloons before school and let them float in classroom. After each completed goal or assignment, they can pop a balloon by any method they choose. Music Day  Students brought their favorite CDs. When we played them, they sang along. Memory for Recess (on a rainy day) I had three sets of Memory cards and randomly numbered my children into three groups. Then we turned it into a tournament and the winners of each group played each other later in the day. Suddenly memory became something more than a game for babies.

Other ideas: Work outside if the sun shines warm like it did for us (yes, in February), chew gum, pop popcorn onto a sheet and eat it from there, act out a book like Amelia Bedilia, or visit your local public library.

What do you do to spice up cold gray winter days?

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