Freedom in Christ: Two Object Lessons


Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Who hasn’t asked this question at some point? A simple object lesson involving bleach, food coloring, and water visually illustrates how Jesus took upon him the sins of the world and how He can also cleanse each of us from our sin.

You will need:

A jar of half water, half bleach (represents Jesus).

A jar of water made dark with food coloring (represents sin).

A jar of clear water (represents you).


Will You Choose Jesus or Bondage?  This object lesson illustrates in a simple yet profound way the freedom that comes through walking with Christ.

You will need:

  • Two ropes.
  • A scissors.
  • A stationary object such as a post or heavy piece of furniture.
  • A willing child.

Tie a rope to each of the child’s legs and then tie him to yourself on one side and the stationary object on the other. Hand the child a scissors and tell him he has a choice. He can cut only one rope. He may either remain tied to the object and not be able to move around, or he may remain tied to you and walk around with you.

Children will almost always choose to be tied to the teacher.

Explain that the stationary object represents the bondage of sin (or emotional or spiritual bondage). Walking with the teacher represents walking with Jesus. When we choose to have a relationship with Jesus and go where he leads us, we are set free from the bondage of sin.

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