A Tip for Teaching Times Tables


How can you equip your elementary students for success in math? They will need a solid grasp of the multiplication tables. Renita Bauman, a third-grade teacher at Countryside Christian School in Ontario, says that Times Tales makes math class more exciting and more effective. In this video, she demonstrates the way the curriculum helps students, and how she integrates it in her classroom.

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Karla Martin

7 years ago

I used them this year for my struggling fourth grader. I actually got their DVD at the end of last school term and sent it home with her to learn over the summer. At the beginning of this term, she didn’t seem to get the connection between the stories and the problem. But we talked about them a little and when she gets stuck, all I have to do is mention a key word or phrase and she knows the answer. It also helps with the division facts.

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