It Makes Life Really Simple: How LastPass Lets You Forget Your Passwords

Password security: not everyone’s favorite topic. IT staff and large corporations can worry about that. Why do you need to be concerned?

In fact, hackers steal the passwords of millions of people like you, and small organizations like yours. Austin knows this danger. As a busy administrator at a small school, he also knows how hard it can be to keep passwords manageable. His solution? Rather than use one password for every online account, outsource the headache to a reputable security app like LastPass. Remember the login for LastPass, and the app will do the rest.

In this video, Austin shows how easily you can use LastPass to reduce the load on your memory, make your information more secure, and empower your colleagues.

Yes, I wanted to share that. Let’s go for it.

If you’re like me, you may be a busy teacher who doesn’t have time to worry about technology and security and all those kind of fun things that aren’t really fun. I found out a while ago that I could have one password and that would be the only password I ever have to remember.

It took me almost a year before I ever did the simple steps that I’m about to explain to you. I’m going to show you how to create a LastPass account and how to create a master password, which is the last password you ever need to remember, and why this is so important and also why it’s so easy.

You just open up your browser. You go to You get LastPass Free. And for master password they explain to you, give you an example there, and their advice is to tell a story that’s unique to you, and their example is Fidoate!my2woolsox, which is just kind of fun.

The thing that I learned from them about creating a master password is that if it’s easy for you as a human to remember, it’s going to be harder for a computer to remember. If it’s very difficult for you to remember, it’s going to be easier for a computer to remember. Just create a phrase that makes sense to you.

My personal adaptation is that each word that I use, I put the first letter of the first word as a capital letter and the last letter of the next word as a capital letter. Let’s just make up a password and we’re going to do Go preacH, with a capital H, to, with a capital T for The, Go preach to The worlD. We’re going to make that capital D. We’re going to confirm that master password, and then we’re going to sign up for free.

Right away, they offered to install LastPass and I would definitely recommend that because that goes right into your browser, and that helps the process of remembering all of your passwords for you, and it’s going through the process now of installing that. The reason this is very valuable is because, after you have this password, it’s your one password you have to remember, you now don’t have to have Chrome or any of your browsers save your passwords anymore, because that is very insecure because anybody can open up your computer. If you happen to be logged in, all your passwords will be available for them.

With LastPass, if you open up the computer, then you have to re-login with your master password. And so, just maybe a small piece of inconvenience: to have to log in every day. But it’s your one password you have to remember it and it makes life really simple.

Here we are logging into our password extension and the thing that’s helpful about that, this is the vault where it saves all of the passwords you ever need to remember. Now that I’m logged in, it shows to me how to get into all these accounts and it shows me also if I already have accounts, I can add those to my LastPass account right away.

The other thing that it explains to me is that I can get this on my device as well, so I can install it on any browser that I use. I can also install it on my phone. This is so helpful because it will start reminding, remembering everything that you agreed to let it remember for you. Whenever you start signing into accounts, it will start saving those for you. Whenever you create new accounts, it will generate passwords that are 60 characters long. It’s double encrypted, and so they don’t even get your password. You never have to remember it, but it’s always secure and that is so incredible.

The other thing that’s a blessing about it is, if you have signed into your password for all your other accounts, there’s a button there that allows you to change all your insecure or your passwords that may have been breached in a data breach or that have not been changed for a while. You can press one button and it’ll change them all for you. It’s just incredibly invaluable.

It allows you to export passwords out of your browser and into LastPass. It will remember your addresses for you or remember your credit card information, your passwords, all of that. The amazing thing to me is that they never can get any of that information [but they] store it all for you, so really valuable.

The other amazing thing that’s valuable about LastPass is that you can share passwords with other people that have LastPass accounts. For our school staff, we created LastPass accounts for all of them. Then any passwords that we need to know for school-related accounts we can just share. And then, the other amazing thing is that you can share it without them ever seeing the password. LastPass will put it in their vault, but they never have access to the password, but they get to use it for any accounts that you need.

That is how to do it and there’s a lot more fun jazz that you can learn about when you do LastPass. That was very, very simple and it saves a ton of stress, and it makes you very secure.

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