Prayer for the End of the Term


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I’m tired, Lord.

As our year winds down, we are all tired and weary. I’m weary of drilling math facts. I’m weary of listening to halting readers. I’m weary of checking books. And I am weary of the constant struggle to maintain an orderly classroom and to teach classes in an orderly manner. You know the circumstances surrounding this year and the struggles we’ve encountered. You’ve given fresh courage and the break-throughs we needed, time after time. And, now we need you yet again.

It is so easy to respond to students’ frustrations with frustration of my own. Give me the calmness to deal with the reason for their frustration in an appropriate manner. Guide me in helping the child who needs to learn perseverance when they meet work that, at first glance, looks too hard. Show me when a child is truly confused. Help me to discern when the child wants a crutch and to soften my speech with grace. Grant me wisdom in dealing with the child who pays attention to everything but the lesson I am teaching.

It would be so easy to give in to student sighs and skip the math and word drills. Give me the patience and the enthusiasm to relieve the sighs and frowns without eliminating the practice. Help them and me learn to persevere.

And, the temptation to nag and scold rather than deal with the problems is great. Give me the clarity to see the issues for what they are and the fortitude to address them wisely.

Lord, help me to see each of these children, not as problems, but as children with an eternal future. The habits they are forming now help shape who they will be. Direct me in my part of developing their habits. I want them to be productive, respectful, and upright adults who are willing to work in your Kingdom. But often the moment is foggy and I’m uncertain of the wisest response.

Lord, thank you for the good times we’ve had together. We’ve read together, played together, laughed together, learned together. Thank you for supportive parents, administration, staff, and board. Thank you for placing qualified aides in my classroom, aides who see what needs to be done and can go ahead and do it.

And, while at times I feel little progress has been made, I look back to the beginning and see that there has been progress. Sometimes a lot, sometimes it’s just a little, but it’s there. Thank you, Lord, for every step of progress I can see.

These children will soon step out of my classroom for another room and another teacher. A bit of my heart goes with them. Lord, walk with that teacher. Grant them the wisdom to lead these students well. Go with these students. Keep their hearts tender towards you. They have many abilities and talents. Help them to find the way to use their abilities to build your work. Take their weak spots and turn them into strengths in your kingdom.

There are just a few weeks left. I look back gratefully at all you’ve provided during this year. We continue to need your strength and wisdom to finish well. Walk with us these last days.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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JeffandDeana Swanson

2 years ago

Carolyn,Thank you for writing this edifying article. It was just what I needed this week!

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