Why You Need a Bluetooth Earpiece


As a 20-year-old, I had a burning desire to be a missionary pilot.  But I didn’t look forward to just one thing about the job.  I didn’t like the need for continual education. So after a failed attempt at pilot training, I decided to pour my energy into a new field: education.  Was I ever surprised to realize the need for continual education was even greater in this field.

I had a lot to learn about life in general, but the one major learning curve was the inescapable need for continual education in all of life.  I soon learned that the job of a teacher was not merely to impart knowledge, but to help students develop an insatiable wonder for the world God gifted to us.

My first summer term at Faith Builders confirmed how little I knew about the art of teaching, and how much I still needed to learn.  After completing the two-year Teacher Apprenticing track at Faith Builders, I learned that the need to learn only increases.

So how is a full time teacher supposed to continue to develop wonder in their own life?  The answer for me is podcasts!

I know comprehension happens much more effectively when reading, but I also know I do a lot of activities that don’t allow me to read. Driving is one example.  So I learned to soak up great content while still accomplishing all the tasks on my schedule. Maybe you are able to enjoy the benefits of podcasts without the convenience of a bluetooth earpiece, but I know my $30 device has paid for itself many times over.

Your homework:

  1. Invest in a bluetooth earpiece.
  2. Check out this list of podcasts that I enjoy, and add some of your own.
  3. Share with other teachers what you’re learning and the ways you are developing.

If you don’t have the minute to drop by this list, you may feel free to take 30 seconds to drop your favorite podcast the comments section below.

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Landon Miller

5 years ago

My Mpow S6 earbuds have worked well for me so far.I would add “5 Minutes in Church History” by Stephen Nichols; and “The Cult of Pedagogy” by Jennifer Gonzalez, but I would caution that while she discusses very relevant and helpful educational issues, she does not share from a Christian worldview. “The Briefing” by Al Mohler is a great weekday roundup of current events from a Christian perspective.Also, referring to the spreadsheet, I would add that while “No Dumb Questions” is educational and entertaining, it does have some content that some may find to be slightly inappropriate or offensive.

Austin Shenk

5 years ago

They say the one I own is no longer in stock :(https://www.amazon.com/Firegram-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headset-Cancelling/dp/B01NAB6GMM/ref=/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=beautycuddle-20&linkId=b7a7c1fa49927c90d00b05bfb7886cecBut here is another option that is cheaper than $30:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077N5KJHT/ref=dp_prsubs_3

Lucas Hilty

5 years ago

To clarify, the picture in this post is for illustrative purposes only. A Beats headset probably cannot be had for $30.Austin, do you mind sharing which headphones you use?I’ve been rather satisfied with my old-fashioned wired models.

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