A Peep Behind the Scenes Book and Study Guide

In this 1885 novel by O F Walton, a family of gypsies moves from place to place, putting on performances at various carnivals and festivals. At one of the stops an evangelist gives a young gypsy girl a poster of the Good Shepherd carrying the lost sheep with Matthew 18:11 written below. This gift causes the young girl to confess to the Good Shepherd that she is lost and needs Him to find her. This heartfelt prayer is answered by Lord and the girl, her mother, and many others are brought to the Good Shepherd through the simple gift of the evangelist. The Good Shepherd refines each of them and ultimately they all leave the theater. This story has lots of surprises along the way and is a very engaging read while also showing the vanity and emptiness of theater life.

The accompanying study guide encourages student comprehension.

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