Bewildered? Confused? Disoriented?

Suppose a man is out on an open prairie during a blizzard. Suppose the snow is driving before the wind so thickly that he can see only ten feet in front of himself. And suppose the wind is whipping the snow around him in such a confusing fashion that he cannot discern any direction at all. The man is in a desperate plight. If he stands still, he will freeze to death. If he just starts walking, where will his efforts lead him? Farther from safety? Over a bluff? Into a river?

The man has no idea which direction is which. He is confused. He is disoriented. But all is not lost if he has a little instrument called a compass. If he holds that little instrument before his bewildered eyes, he will receive direction because compasses work just as well in blizzards as during fair weather.

If he knows that a certain stream bed lies somewhere to the east of him, all he needs to do is believe the compass as he moves east. Eventually he will find the stream. From there the stream leads him to some safe destination.

Life usually includes one or more blizzard experiences. Every one of God’s children are equipped with a compass. The Word of God, interpreted by the Spirit of God, guides the bewildered through the maze of blowing snow.

How does an educational experience relate to a life blizzard? Academics have their place in a Christian school. But Christian schools include much more than academics. Christian schools are character training grounds, strengthening and broadening the character training of the Christian home. They assist the Church in her mission of building the Kingdom of God.

Isaiah speaks of children who are taught of God as having great peace (54:13). Why is this so?

The answer is simple. God is above all blizzards. He positively knows the direction to safety and shelter. He offers a compass to anyone who desires one. He calls His compass wisdom. Listen to what He says about this wisdom compass. “She shall preserve thee: love her and she shall keep thee.” “Whoso hearkeneth unto me shall safely.” “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.” “I have led thee in right paths.” “She is thy life.”

Academics cannot claim such power; wisdom can. So if the Christian school is to be preparing young people for life, it must be involving itself with wisdom. Wisdom must be the underlying foundation for the entire school experience.

Happy is the school where wisdom is honored! Happy is the school where wisdom is modeled! Happy is the school where children learn early to love wisdom! Such children need never perish in any of life’s blizzards.

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