Candyland Land Game Door Décor

Decorate your classroom door with a Candy Land theme! Scroll down for a description of how Karen used this to motivate academic achievement.

Karen incorporated the theme into classroom management as follows:

Candy Land Game

To go forward:
  • Study flashcards 10 min
  • Get a better score on your speed drill
  • Study for a test or quiz (when announced)
  • Get a better-than-your-average score on a test or quiz
  • If someone recommends you to move forward a space because they caught you being kind
  • Saying good morning with a smile and eye contact on a randomly-selected day
  • Having a neat desk at a desk check
To go backward:
  • Break a rule or procedure
  • Get a worse-than-your-average score on a test or quiz
  • Use the restroom during non-designated times
  • Have an unfinished assignment

When you get to a pink candy spot, you get the reward stated beneath the card.

  1. Put a quarter in the jelly belly machine and turn!
  2. Once everyone is past, we will have a day that you may sit anywhere in the room during lunch.
  3. Choose a piece of candy from any of the candy banks.
  4. Once everyone is past, we will have a day that you can trade your lunch food with each other.
  5. You may bring something other than water in your water bottle. No sodas or energy drinks. Suggestions: Gatorade, fruit juices, tea (not iced tea), milk (on cold days)
  6. We will get one minute of extra recess for every person that passes this space. We can add it up and use it as I say we have time.

When you get to a licorice spot, you may sit on a beanbag for something: silent reading time, story time, spare time, study together time, or other special permission times. You may save it until you are ready to use it.

When everyone arrives at the end of the game, we will choose a special day. Then we will all start over together.

If you are behind:

There is one bypass in the game. If you are behind the others, you may have to use the bypass so we can have our special day sooner. That means you will miss privileges 5 and 6, as well as a beanbag day. You must ask permission to take the bypass.

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