Classroom Fun Days

Image by Davide Baraldi via Pexels
  1. Valentine Party —I took this time to invite the students’ moms to spend the afternoon with us, playing games and having a snack. The students enjoyed helping to decorate our classroom. I also made a Hershey Kiss rose for them to take along.
  2. Do school kits or care packs for other countries.
  3. Make butter. We shook heavy whipping cream in a jar and made We enjoyed it on homemade bread and crackers.
  4. Earn supplies to go on a picnic. They earned things such as bread, jelly, peanut butter, juice bottles, plates, and Oreos. Then we went by a river and had a picnic.
  5. Snow fun—Mix water and food coloring in a spray bottle. Paint pictures on the snow.
  6. Career Day—I had students come dressed up as a farmer, policeman, nurse, baker, and builder.
  7. Learning the “A”sound—I read the book Johnny Appleseed while they munched on apples and wore a kettle on their heads.
  8. Cooked lobsters—They really enjoyed watching it change color and eating it.
  9. Make a replica. We made replica of our school and outside buildings, using small boxes and popsicle sticks.
  10. Make a simple snack mix to give to older folks at church.
  11. Write a story using stickers in place of some words.They really enjoyed this type of story writing.
  12. Make personal pizzas for lunch.

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