Living the Christian Life: Bible 705

In this self-study guide, readers are guided toward the ability…

1. To define justification.

2. To define salvation.

3. To explain deliverance from sin as a threefold process.

4. To name two conditions for salvation.

5. To describe the effects of Jesus’ blood in the Christian experience.

6. To define intercession.

7. To define sanctification.

8. To describe the effects of Jesus’ intercession in the Christian experience.

9. To quote Romans 6:4 and Galatians 2:20.

10. To tell how Christ’s death on the cross affects Christian living.

11. To tell how Christ’s resurrection from the dead affects Christian living.

12. To name nine evidences of Christ living in us by His Spirit.

13. To explain why brotherhood is important to every saved person.

This Bible unit is reproduced with permission from Christian Light Education. CLE retains the copyright. You are welcome to make copies for use in your school, home, or church.

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