Attributes of God: Bible 703

This self-study guide, originally conceived as a CLE 7th grade Light Unit, guides students:

1. To define the Biblical meaning of love.

2. To tell how God has shown love to all mankind.

3. To tell how God has expressed His love in spite of man’s sin.

4. To tell what God’s love will do to those who respond to it.

5. To give the general meaning and the legal meaning of mercy.

6. To tell how God can justly forgive sinners.

7. To tell what is the best expression of God’s mercy,

8. To tell what effect God’s forgiveness will have upon those who are forgiven.

9. To define the Biblical meaning of grace.

10. To name several things which are ours because of God’s grace.

11. To tell what hinders God’s grace in the lives of Christians.

This Bible unit is reproduced with permission from Christian Light Education. CLE retains the copyright. You are welcome to make copies for use in your school, home, or church.

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