Online Resources for Art

  • Met Museum: click on the Collections tab, then “The Collection Online” to see many of the works of art
  • Google Art Project: collection of images from museums around the world; create your own collection with the portfolio feature and share with students
  • Web Gallery of Art: a wide variety of public domain paintings. Due to the nature of old paintings, some are not appropriate.

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Lucas Hilty

6 years ago

Thanks for these links! Several further sources of free images: The Library of Congress has thousands of historical images you can download and use.Pixabay and Unsplash are both excellent resources for images. You may occasionally come across nudity on Pixabay: to prevent this, visit their FAQs and click on SafeSearch: How can I avoid inappropriate or explicit images?The Web Gallery of Art is a good source of classical paintings.And for lots of free images that may not be as high quality, see Wikimedia Commons.

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