Oral Reading Rubric

I try to work ahead towards report card time, but I am always frustrated that there are so many grades I am expected to take for which I have no concrete numbers. One of these is oral reading. As a result, I have often been overly generous with grades. How can you tell a parent that their student is struggling when I let that student have a low eighty/B- on their report card?

Using advice that I have received from other teachers and my own experience, I have designed a rubric for grading oral reading that can be used for lower elementary grades. All of my co-teachers from kindergarten through fourth grade are using this rubric as well.

Blessings to you as you serve God by teaching well! Yolanda

Note: For third or fourth grade, you may want to adjust the weighting of the two sections of the rubric. Word fluency can be worth less, while Presentation is worth more. Use your own discretion.

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