How Can I Give Each Student and Subject the Attention They Deserve?

If your school is small, your time is spread across a range of grades and student needs. How do you provide each student with the instruction and support he or she needs?

While small schools cannot always provide the same experiences that larger schools do, Erikson says small schools can compensate by adjusting their schedules. He describes an approach to course rotation and daily schedules that supports the development of each student.

Download Erikson’s course outline or view it below.

Note Erikson’s comments (included in the spreadsheet):

“The classes that contain circles are on a two or three year rotation. If a student quits attending school at any time, they will not receive all of those classes contained in the rotation. Classes to be taught every year are math, history, high school Bible, and music . Optional classes to be taught for 7th grade and up include science, language arts, reading, and electives. Of course, 3rd grade and down should have as many classes taught as possible. Notice the classes that only run for one semester.”

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