Providing Administrative Support for Faculty

How can boards and administrators offer leadership to school staff? Ron encourages leaders to establish a school vision, and to relate activities and evaluations to that vision.


  1. Function as liaison between school board and faculty
    1. Conduct teacher meetings weekly usually following a school day.
    2. Communicate issues/decisions between board and faculty.
    3. Communicate information to Parents via note or call lists (school closings, delays).
    4. Assist the board in teacher recruitment as requested.
    5. Receive, review, and distribute school mail.
    6. Conduct fire drills.
  2. Develop and maintain the School Policy Manual, policies such as:
    1. Conduct rules of the School
    2. Discipline procedures
    3. Current Curriculum
    4. Set-up instructions for special programs. Award Day, Christmas Program, etc.
    5. School calendar, student lists, etc.
  3. Assist faculty
    1. Function as a resource for discipline issues to the faculty.
    2. Add emphasis to teacher classroom directives.
    3. Occasionally relieve faculty for appointments, etc. (I do not function as substitute.)
    4. Occasionally review portions of the CLE Teacher Training Manual with faculty
    5. Participate with daily devotions
  4. Assist the School Secretary to plan for next year’s calendar, committee lists, student lists, CAT testing, etc.

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