Teach Your Students to Weave

I found this, actually, on Pinterest, where you make a loom out of cardboard. I make little slits on the top, about every half inch top and bottom. You can take a spool of thread, what I like to use for knotting comforters. They start by putting at the tops and just going in every slit, working top to bottom. Then when you’re done, it will look like this. This gives them the thread to go over and under for their weaving.

When we put it together, I cut strips of fabric and then I cut through the center and then they can put it together. So, it’s actually like a knot in the middle; they’re joined. And then you can start by weaving every other over-under, over-under all the way across. I like to use fabric that stretches like t-shirt fabric, nylon, anything; if it has a little stretch it seems to work a little better.

You’re going to push it down and then we get to the end, you’re going to do the opposite. This one ended under, so I’m going to start over-under. You actually won’t see these threads that much and when you keep building it’s going to look like this. When they’re done they’re going to cut the strings off the top and the bottom and they’ll knot them to keep all the material in there. And if they want to make something with it they can, [it will] be like a little mat or a little pouch or something. And you have your weaving.

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