Less is More


Sometimes less is more.

Usually on Saturdays I dance to the background tune of “see how much you can get done today.”  It is a wearisome song and wears me out both emotionally and physically.  I don’t recommend it.  And yet, I tune into this music again and again.

Today, after a series of intense events coupled with a relentless schedule for too many days, I deliberately viewed the hours before me through a different lens—one of trying to do as little as possible.

Actually, I did do a lot, but it was not the typical list of activities.

At the end of this refreshing day I numbered the restorative things I’d done:

  • I had listened to my body’s request to take a rare afternoon nap.
  • I had picked up the phone to talk and laugh with with a dear friend I hadn’t connected with for several weeks.
  • I had delivered a beautiful gift to another friend’s young son.

I’d done a few more things.  But the best part, the grand finale, was that I had heeded the balmy weather’s invitation to indulge in a favorite hobby –  “playing” out in the garden.  It was so much fun!  As the warm sunshine bathed my body, grace seeped into my soul.  Away from the regular demands of schedule, I basked in the feel of rich dirt between my fingers.  Even my filthy dress at the end of this playtime was a refreshing sight, so different from the normal “stay clean in your school garb” routine.

Tonight I feel much more rested. My cup is full again.  He has restored my soul.

Sometimes less is more.

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