Restful Breaks

Likely every teacher eagerly anticipates Christmas vacation and other breaks, just as their students do.  A favorite memory of this past Christmas break is when I spent most of the day alone at our local, wonderfully rustic “Homespun Hideaway.” As I spent the day reading, praying, journaling, and pondering, I noted many pleasant thoughts and feelings centered around my students swirling in my head.  The words, “I believe I like my students better when there is periodic distance!” described what I was experiencing. Rest (breaks) are a part of God’s plan.  School and its demands can easily swallow up all of who we are.  While it may sound righteous and noble to be poured out as wine upon the altar of my classroom, it so easily slides into me trying to build my own reputation and not about the students themselves.  I think especially single Mennonite ladies need to ask protection from that happening.  Ask me how I know. Save Save Save Save Save Save

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