Intro to Teaching Master Document


This file contains information, lesson plans, assignments, and activities for an Intro to Teaching/Student Teaching/Teacher Apprentice class. There are lesson planning forms, student lessons, and notes from Arlene’s instruction.

Arlene notes:

One year we offered Student Teaching (our course title) as a high school elective and another year we offered Intro to Teaching, also as a high school elective. I co-taught both classes, and enjoyed doing that. The classes were very similar. The class met for teaching sessions where they learned about lesson planning, classroom management, teaching techniques, etc.: various topics about teaching and children. They spent quite a bit of time in elementary classrooms, observing, helping the teachers, and also teaching some lessons. They met with me for instruction and other activities: I would teach them while my first-graders were at recess or music, and they would stay in my classroom and work on their assignments and lesson plans, etc., while I was teaching my class. Sometimes they would observe me, take notes from my teaching, work with my students in small groups or individually, or teach a whole-class lesson to my students. I would observe them and give feedback.

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