Online Resources for ELL Learning Support and Special Needs

  • LDonline: tells of modifications, many articles on ways to help or understand those with learning disabilities or special needs
  • Enchanted Learning Dictionary: choose a topic, shows pictures and their names, word used in a sentence; many topics. Can do other languages – choose language, click on letter, shows pictures, English and Spanish words (or whatever language. Nice for ELL students, or foreign language students, or to challenge students.
  • dictionary, good for ELL
  • EdHelper: must be a member for $19.99/year to access most of the site, but it has some good stuff.  Enter word lists (spelling, vocab, words that start with ‘th’, etc.), and it makes puzzles, worksheets with the list.  In the Special Education section the teacher can personalize reading comprehension, find books for reluctant readers.  There are daily life skills and basic things theme units.  You can enter words, choose a font, color, and border color and it will make Word Wall words.
  • ReadPlease: The 2003 version is free, with no expiration. This site turns text into speech, so struggling readers can listen.  It reads anything on your screen.

Do you know of other online resources for supporting exceptional learners? Leave a comment below.

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Lucas Hilty

7 years ago

Another good learners’ dictionary is at

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