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This post suggests guidelines for schools transitioning to homestudy programs.

An computer science teaching organization compiled a list of resources for schools. Although many of the example responses are relevant to larger schools, the infographic at the top of the page suggests technologies for a variety of instructional needs.

Read an infectious disease expert’s recommendations for churches.

If you need a video-conferencing and/or remote learning solution, Anabaptist schools have recommended Zoom (videoconferencing), Microsoft Teams (videoconferencing and remote classroom), and Google Classroom (remote learning).

Arlyn Nisly writes

You may want to consider if your teachers are working from home and you have a file server at school. As an alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., you could have them connect via ZeroTier, a virtual network app that essentially puts your computer on the same network as any computer on your school’s network, regardless of where you are, with almost no configuration. So far, we haven’t had to change any firewall/router settings, which means the school’s network isn’t open to the world. All you do is install the utility on each computer or virtual machine, join it to the ‘network,’ and on the ‘Networks’ page on, allow that computer to join the network.

If you have questions about implementation, message Arlyn.

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