Best Practices for Distance Teaching During COVID-19 (Webinar)


In this recorded Zoom meeting, three teachers discuss their schools’ approaches to the challenges of the shutdown.

From the meeting chat:

What is the best way to exchange weekly packets? Nelson: That depends on how much social distance you are trying to maintain. We had a scheduled pickup time spread out through a Saturday so that there wasn’t a rush of people all at a certain time. Byron: We have 120 students; we do deliveries for Gr 1-6 and have 1 hour slots for the Gr 7-12 to come to school for pickup and test checking (so as not to exceed groups of 10). Question for Anna: How much emphasis are you putting on summative assessment in elementary? If any? Anna: Speaking only for myself as an elementary teacher: We’ve done a few tests but I suspect we’re going to have to ignore those results and go to a pass/fail. We will have so few tests, that it would be unfair to assign report card grades in my opinion. Any advice when you don’t have supportive parents or when parents are unable to help children (unable to speak English)? Byron: We send home copies of lesson answer keys on a weekly basis (mostly Christian Light and Saxon curriculum). We send them in a “parent envelope.”

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